Best food dehydrator reviews 2016

So you have decided to buy a food dehydrator and may be wondering what is the best food dehydrator I can buy? There are numerous models and types out on the market and it can make finding the best food dehydrator difficult. Furthermore, there are tons of food dehydrator reviews out there to add to the confusion. Hopefully this quick guide will give you an idea on what to look for and help you choose the best food dehydrator that fits your needs.

How They Work

The primary difference is how they go about dehydrating food. Stackable tray dehydrators look like pots. With food going on each layer to be dehydrated. The heating unit that dries the food out is almost always located on the bottom of the unit. The best food dehydrators will have the heating unit designed in a way that distributes the heat evenly and avoids overheating the bottom tray only.

Shelf tray dehydrators look like your average oven. The trays come out of the front like shelves in a drawer. The heating unit is almost always located in the back of dehydrator; ensuring the food is dehydrated evenly. Specific food dehydrator reviews should mention if the heating element does not conform to one of these standards.

Cost and Size

In terms of cost, Shelf tray dehydrators cost far more than Stackable tray ones. But the trade-off is that Shelf tray versions offer far more cooking space and cooking options. To give you an idea just how big the difference is. A Nesco brand stackable tray dehydrator, one of the best food dehydrators for that particular type, runs about $70 and has 3 cooking racks. A STX Dehydra brand shelf tray dehydrator goes for about $250, and offers 11 cooking racks. As you can imagine stackable tray dehydrators tend to be smaller and thus if you have limited countertop space, you should keep that in mind when making a purchase.


Now normally your food dehydrator should not be taking a lot of abuse. But some of us are clumsy and over time your dehydrator or its parts could suffer scratches, dents, etc. So when looking for the best food dehydrator, you will want to keep the materials it’s made of in mind when making a purchase. Some shelf type and many stackable tray dehydrators will actually use plastic shelves. While they will be FDA tested and are in no way harmful to use; some people do not like using plastic in their dehydrator. Thankfully, a large amount of shelf type dehydrators do use metal shelves.


In the end the best food dehydrator will be based upon your own personal preference. Consider the pros and cons and pick the model that best suits your particular needs. I have written numerous food dehydrator reviews to help you in this decision; I hope they are helpful.

What Is The Best Food Dehydrator

There are a multitude of great food dehydrators out there; and to showcase that I’ve written many reviews looking at various food dehydrators from each brand, but I haven’t yet done an article that answers the question “what is the best food dehydrator”? In this article I’m going to be looking at my pick for best food dehydrator, the

Nesco Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator FD-75A

The Nesco Snackmaster is just a well-designed, well-built food dehydrator. It has a unique design where in the fan is located on the top of the machine as opposed to being on the bottom as is the case with many food dehydrators. This is a good because it means the Nesco Snackmaster can dry all the racks easily, giving you a more consistent final product. A big problem with food dehydrators where the fan is located on bottom is that the bottom rack absorbs all the heat leading to unequal dehydration; this isn’t an issue with the Nesco Snackmaster.

It’s a powerful unit with an adjustable thermostat that goes from 95 degrees to 160 degrees Fahrenheit, and has a total cooking power of 600 watts. That’s very impressive for such a small dehydrator. Its size also means it can easily fit into any kitchen setup without disrupting anything or taking up a huge amount of valuable counter space.

In terms of extra the food dehydrator is well stocked; it comes with 4 different cooking sheets (2 mesh, 2 solid,), spice packs for making homemade beef jerky, and a handy recipe book. All of this and yet the Nesco only costs around $70; an absolutely great value.

As you can tell I completely adore the Nesco Snackmaster and I recommend it 100%. So what is the best food dehydrator? Well I say it’s the Nesco Snackmaster, without a shadow of a doubt.